Commercial Interior Design

Ward Black Law

The project we did for Ward Black Law presented an interesting challenge. It is a firm run primarily by women, with a primary focus on litigation. They wanted to celebrate the inclusiveness they represent, while also emphasizing their strong commitment to clients. The lawyers felt the need to make the space accessible and comfortable for clients, while also projecting confidence to fellow counsel visiting the office for conferences. Our starting point was the firm’s name, which we represented with three strong horizontal lines. We then enclosed the lines in an oval, evoking the firm's holistic approach. This became their informal logo, which we repeated throughout the space in expected and unexpected places. Janet Ward Black's favorite colors are red and black, so we sprinkled in coordinating grays and whites and made reference to that scheme from the reception area to the back copy room.

Turning Point Litigation

Turning Point Litigation is a new law firm made up of some of Greensboro’s most established and successful attorneys. While they occupy a prominent address downtown, they did not want a traditional or expected look – no hunting scenes, courthouses, or “scales of justice” on their walls. We picked a décor based on this outlook and incorporated the color scheme from their logo. The relaxed and unique yet professional ambience starts behind the receptionist’s desk, where a multitude of white and silver cubes project from a blue background, evoking water, movement, currents and turning. We then set up two separate conference rooms. One is more formal, used as a way to impress visitors and confer in larger groups. The other is much more informal, very much like a living room. Some of the attorneys even use it for work in lieu of their own offices.